Why Writers Need Conferences Like The Kardashians Need Paparazzi

Working as a writer is often a pretty solitary endeavor–just you, your notes, your computer screen, and your big, fat, churning, creative brain. Whether you’re writing your first novel or spending your days writing optimized site content for clients, don’t lie–you’re probably most effective and productive as a writer when you shut yourself off from the world and just focus on the task at hand….ALONE. So, conferences and industry-specific networking events are crucial.

I recently attended an awesome social media conference hosted by NetUpNOW founder Steve Green–an expert in social media, social media marketing, and social media networking in Miami. The conference was just–wow. Like I said before, I–as a somewhat solitary writer– needed that conference like Charlie Sheen–as a somewhat wacko crazy man–needs therapy. In addition to gaining tons of knowledge, ideas, and professional advice from Steve and the presenters, the huge added value for me was all in the “yap, yap, yap.” You know–the talking, the chatting, exchanging ideas with others in the field. Actually talking (with my mouth) to people (real ones! not avatars! not Facebook friends!) about the Miami social media marketing landscape, and how it affects us all in our professional daily lives really is my idea of a good time.

Don’t get me wrong–while writers require some degree of solitude to crank out the copy, they are by no means solitary people “in real life.” (In fact, I suspect that because I don’t socialize at work like the rest of the world,I am predisposed to Yap Overdrive when I am in social settings.) Friends and family make me feel all warm and fuzzy by telling me that my kids did something adorable at the playground, not by telling me that they noticed that my latest blog post for a client made the first page of the Google search results for a particular keyword. And that’s why I say: writers need to attend conferences, Meetups, networking events, tweetups, round tables, club meetings…whatever! If writing is your passion and your livelihood, it will do you a world of good to connect “IRL” with others who share that passion.

If you are hosting or know of a conference in South Florida that would appeal to writers, bloggers, or online marketers, please contact me !


One response to “Why Writers Need Conferences Like The Kardashians Need Paparazzi

  • Tamara

    Thanks so much for listing Blog Conference Newbie Guide as a resource!

    And oh my gosh, that analogy about Charlie Sheen/therapy was classic! Cracking up over here….especially as I am a therapist as well as a blogger. 😉

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